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“I don’t want to imitate anyone; I just want to do me. That’s why my key aim in my career is to be as successful as I can be.” – Benny Banks

Growing up in Islington (North London) Benny Banks, was your typical teenager; in that he didn’t enjoy school and would much rather do other things with his time. One of these things was listening to music. It wasn’t until age twenty however, that his love of music really began to develop. It was after a night out with his friends that Benny Banks began to rap and his talent first got noticed. From this point on, his interest in music grew, as did his popularity and with that came opportunity.
In 2010, Benny took part in 1Xtra’s ‘Fire in The Booth’ with artist Charlie Sloth and was stunned by the audience reaction. Not only did his undeniable talent amaze listeners but he was then requested to take part in more interviews and videos with various other respected urban channels. His ‘Warm Up Session’ with the massive urban online channel SBTV, blew people away and one might say that this was when he was truly recognised as a force to be reckoned with within the UK urban industry. Aside from his success with 1Xtra and SBTV, Benny has also worked with the likes of ‘Grime Daily, he debuted on sites ‘ZEETVD’ and ‘UK Overstood’ and in Jan 2011 he started his own youtube channel. His solo Videos on YouTube have to date accumulated well over 10 million views, the numbers alone are enough to reflect the mass recognition of this young star’s talent and demonstrate the love from fans of his powerful music and his meaningful and relatable lyrics.

Not only has he accrued an impressive amount of views online and worked with numerous urban publications but his music has also been playlisted on some of the most noted UK urban radio shows such as the prestigious BBC Radio and the respected Choice FM seeing support from DJ's such as Charlie Sloth, Dj Target, Mistajam, Zane Lowe, Nick Grimshaw, Annie Mac, Trevor Nelson and Tim Westwood (he has had Zane Lowes hottest record in the world twice!!) Benny has also been blessed with the opportunity to collaborate and tour with various other artists such as US rapper's Mac Miller, Raekwon and Pusha T and established and rising UK artist’s such as Dappy, Rudimental, Ryan Keen, Krept and Konan, Show N Prove, Loadstar and Elli Ingram.

Benny’s first mixtape entitled ‘Patiently Waiting vol.1’ was released June 5th 2011 as a free download especially for his fans, whom he loves and respects as he states “they along with his daughter are what keep him going” with over 100,000 downloads to date as his first official release it definitely proved his status as a credible artist. Benny’s first single ‘Bada Bing’ was released January 2012 through 679/Warner and was A list on BBC Radio 1Xtra and was named “Hottest Record in the World’ by Zane Lowe, later made it onto Fast and Furios 6 the film Soundtrack alongside being an underground smash. This was followed up with a second single ‘Who’s The Daddy’ ft Dappy and shows nationwide and abroad in Europe. Benny Released his second Mixtape ‘Patiently Waiting vol. 2’ December 2012 Followed up with 3 Videos. In 2013 679 shut down, Benny Cut ties with Warner took a years Hiatus and is now back on the independent grind, Watch out 2014.

Benny Banks is undeniably one of the most gifted artists in the UK at present. Apart from his irrefutable innate talent, his success to date is also down to the fact he happens to be one of the most honest, humble and determined rappers in the UK urban industry. With every day that passes, his fan base grows more and more as his natural music abilities become even more recognized. Without a doubt, Benny is going to be one of the biggest artists of our times, so let’s hope the industry is really prepared for what is, the talent of Mr. Benny Banks.


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